How often should a golden doodle be taken to a groomer

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How often you visit the groomer is dependent upon the coat that your Goldendoodle inherits. For Poodle coats, you can probably get away with visiting the groomer three times a year.

For those who inherited the Golden Retriever coat, then the hair will be longer and will require more grooming. Visits should occur around four or five times a year.

While professional grooming is great for sprucing up your Doodle and getting a picture-perfect trim, remember that routine brushing is super important to prevent tiny tangles from morphing into horrific mats.

Head over to this article to see our top recommendations for brushes that work best on Goldendoodles.

How Long Does A Goldendoodles Hair Grow?
Goldendoodle hair can grow anywhere from four inches to eight inches long if left untrimmed. The coat can indicate how long the hair can become.

For hairy coats, you can expect around eight inches.

For those who inherit a fleece coat, you might expect growth around the five to six inches area. For those with curly hair, four to six inches is common.

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