Congo African Grey Parrots for Sale (All Ages )

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If you are looking for a new animal companion, consider adopting a hand-trained, hand-raised, and hand-fed bird. These birds are socialized and come with a cage. They have an unconditionally loving personality and would be a perfect addition to a loving household.

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Congo African Grey Parrots For Sale

Looking for a Congo African Grey Parrot for sale? You’ve come to the right place! Congo African Grey Parrots are one of the most popular pet parrots, and for good reason! They are intelligent, affectionate, and make great companion animals. Best of all, they are relatively easy to care for, making them a great choice for first-time parrot owners.

We are professionals who breed Congo  African Grey parrots and have a plentiful supply of their fertilized eggs. We conduct business both domestically and internationally. If you desire more information about our products and services, do not hesitate to contact us.


How The Congo African Grey is raised

We take great care in hand-rearing our babies and exposing them to a variety of social experiences in our home, including other children, dogs, cats, and pet birds. We also get them used to having their nails trimmed (both with a Dremel and nail clippers), flying, and landing, so that they will be easy to adjust to your family and home. Our policy is always to allow full flight for the first year, and preferably never clip their wings, as we believe it is essential for a bird’s mental and physical health.


Social Behaviors

Because of their social nature and intelligence, humans can become quite devoted to Congo African Greys. In turn, Greys often develop strong bonds with their human caretakers, and can also get along well with other birds. However, they may sometimes become more attached to one person, often bonding with someone of the opposite sex. Congo African Greys usually don’t start speaking until they are around 2-3 years old. However, they can learn to mimic words and sounds as they interact with people. Although they can talk, they are generally not too noisy and don’t engage in loud, shrill calls.


Care and Feeding After Buying

A poor diet can be very detrimental to your bird. It can lead to feather plucking, overgrown beak, blindness, epileptic seizures, and immune deficiencies. Let me take you through a typical good parrot diet and a bad parrot diet. The colorful seeds and pellets often seen in pet stores can be dangerous. This is because the manufacturers use sugar-filled food coloring. This means that you would be overfeeding your parrot with sugar.

It is ill-advised to feed your parrot a diet consisting only of seeds. Not only is this practice incorrect, but it can also be life-threatening for your bird. Seeds are high in fat and carbohydrates, which can lead to health problems such as organ failure in parrots. When your parrot consumes seeds, their liver and kidneys have to work harder to filter the fat from their bloodstream.

As you know, eventual kidney failure and liver disease are serious consequences of a poor diet. That’s why it’s important to make sure your parrot has a healthy diet that includes dark yellow and leafy green vegetables.


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1 Month Old, 3 Months Old, 5 Months Old, 9 Months Old, 12 Months Old, 24 Months Old

17 reviews for Congo African Grey Parrots for Sale (All Ages )

  1. Charlie Carpenter

    Jay (Parrotsforhomes) was very friendly and helpful throughout. We bought a beautiful African Grey from him which is the perfect companion for my mum. Very healthy, affectionate and full of character. Well worth traveling an hour for. Would highly recommend Mark from parrots for homes.

  2. Aaron Kirk

    Contacted about buying a Congo African Gret and they responded very quickly. Spoke to Mark who was very helpful and informative. I like their website as well, and all the photos are of their birds which is nice as some breeders use stock images.

    Arranged a visit very quickly and left with a Congo African Grey Parrot . Mark was very nice and definitely knew his stuff. Will purchase from here again in the future!

  3. Kendrick Wills

    Very lovely birds
    I would definitel recommend

  4. Dorian Mak

    thank you for healthy and very tame African Grey me and my family love every minute with them I will definitely recommend you for my family and friends god bless you

  5. Jenny Hills

    This company is a delight to deal with, from start to finish great communication and advice.

    I would highly recommend

  6. Trina Anderson

    Lovely people, very helpful the whole way through… got a lovely healthy African Grey with a silly personality. Worth every penny. Kept me updated with photos and videos, overall lovely experience

  7. Samantha

    I bought my new African grey parrot through this company – They where helpful and quick in communication and delivered the bird to my door. Misty is a happy, healthy and intelligent little Parrot.

  8. Kaicee Whyte

    Very happy with the service provided & happy with my little bird beautiful little thing she came untamed but is a very quick learner would defiantly recommend

  9. terry

    I was looking for a African Grey and came across a photo of this beautiful lilac one online. I messaged Mark who was so helpful and sent me images and videos of the bird. I travelled to Ohio and Mark was a mountain of information and in the end I purchased two. Charlie & Harley are so cute and has the added bonus of being hand reared that they are more than happy to sit on my finger. I highly recommend for all your bird needs asking parrotsforhomes. All his birds are clearly very well looked after. Thank you Parrots for homes :0)

  10. Gary King

    I brought an African Grey from this place yesterday,he must have been hand reared he sits on my shoulder in my hand
    He does not bite,if you need anything from a cage to bird food this is the place to visit
    Highly recommended

  11. Jc

    If you want a beautiful, healthy bird then parrots for homes is the best place to go. They are brilliant breeder with so much knowledge and birds are very well looked after.
    We are absolutely in love with our new addition- and they are tamed so you get you have cuddles with your new buddy

  12. Caroline V

    We wanted a pet African Grey and I found on Google and the website said Mark, the owner, hand rears chicks so they’re already used to being handled when you take them home. I contacted Mark and he said he had a baby African grey which was ready to be sold. Two days later we collected our new Parrot, who we’ve called Cosmo, and is so tame. After only two days of settling in, Cosmo will already fall asleep in our hands and he loves having his head tickled. Mark is really quick at replying to WhatsApp messages and you can tell he really cares for the bird as the aviary is really clean and all the birds look to be in such lovely condition. He also messaged me after we got home to ask how we were getting on. I think he does this for the love of the birds and to make sure he sells nice feathered companions for us to have, and not because he wants to make loads of money from it. He’s a real bird lover. If we ever wanted another bird or if any of my friends do then I’d definitely have no hesitation in recommending Parrotsforhomes.

  13. Russell Lewis

    Amazing service and a nice friendly chat upon meeting Mark and the items I purchased are great thank you Parrotsforhomes 🦜

  14. Rajeef S

    good customer service the birds are well and are good

  15. Paul Bedford

    Very happy with our new birdies friends!
    it’s also good to know that the seller is responding to any questions we may have or advice any we may need to make them happier 🙂

  16. Mari Darlison

    Jay is very friendly and knowledgeable. He was happy for my sons to spend time choosing their African Grey.

    The birds are obviously well cared for and seem very tame. Far more so than the one we previously got geom a pet shop. I would recommend parrots for homes.

  17. Nicola Carley

    Great experience

    Could not recommend Parrotsforhomes. We went to purchase two Congo African Grey Parrot, but whilst searching my partner fell in love with two love birds. We decided to purchase them instead and Jay was extremely helpful in explaining how to care for them, even providing some supplies to get us started. The birds are very tame and love to be handled. Jay is clearly very knowledgable and is great at what he does.

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