Military Macaw Parrot For Sale


If you are looking for a new animal companion, consider adopting a hand-trained, hand-raised, and hand-fed bird. These birds are socialized and come with a cage. They have an unconditionally loving personality and would be a perfect addition to a loving household.

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Military Macaw Parrot For Sale

Looking for a Military Macaw Parrot For Sale? You’ve come to the right place! Military Macaw Parrot are one of the most popular pet parrots, and for good reason! They are intelligent, affectionate, and make great companion animals. Best of all, they are relatively easy to care for, making them a great choice for first-time parrot owners.

We are professionals who breed Military Macaw Parrot For Sale parrots and have a plentiful supply of their fertilized eggs. We conduct business both domestically and internationally. If you desire more information about our products and services, do not hesitate to contact us.


Care and Feeding After Buying

A poor diet can be very detrimental to your bird. It can lead to feather plucking, overgrown beak, blindness, epileptic seizures, and immune deficiencies. Let me take you through a typical good parrot diet and a bad parrot diet. The colorful seeds and pellets often seen in pet stores can be dangerous. This is because the manufacturers use sugar-filled food coloring. This means that you would be overfeeding your parrot with sugar.

It is ill-advised to feed your parrot a diet consisting only of seeds. Not only is this practice incorrect, but it can also be life-threatening for your bird. Seeds are high in fat and carbohydrates, which can lead to health problems such as organ failure in parrots. When your parrot consumes seeds, their liver and kidneys have to work harder to filter the fat from their bloodstream.

As you know, eventual kidney failure and liver disease are serious consequences of a poor diet. That’s why it’s important to make sure your parrot has a healthy diet that includes dark yellow and leafy green vegetables.


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1 Month Old, 3 Months Old, 5 Months Old, 9 Months Old, 12 Months Old, 24 Months Old


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